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Skillman, NJ

The Solar Array built with over 6,000 panels, spans six acres of ground, and provides over 1.233 Megawatts (DC) of power to 23 Orchard Road. The project was financed by PSE&G and supported by the 1603 Federal Grant Program.

  • Solar Array provides 40% of the power to the office building: Energy savings to the building is approximately $200,000 per annum. If electricity rates increase above 3% as they have in the last 15 years, the savings will increase.
  • Consistency of power during peak periods: The Solar Array provides the opportunity for consistent power during the high demand times such as summer days when the sun and heat are strong.
  • Building features: The building distinguishes itself from other competitors as providing a major source of renewable energy.
  • Location of Solar Array: The solar panels are not located on building or in parking lot. There is no disruption to tenants as it is located in the rear of the building adjacent to the wetlands in the flood fringe. This area is not able to be built on and not visible from either the main entrance to the building or the adjacent roads (Route 206 or Orchard Road).

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